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A just and equitable division of property is essential in rebuilding your life.

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account after a relationship breakdown in determining a fair asset division between you and your former spouse or partner. Divorce or the finalisation of a de facto relationship generally brings the need for the division of property in a manner that enables both you and your former spouse or partner to move on without the need for ongoing involvement. This means that a singular property settlement is the preferred outcome within the Australian family law system.

How long you have

The time you have to finalise your financial affairs is different for married and de facto relationships.

Unless exceptional circumstances apply, property divisions must be finalised within 12 months of divorce for married couples or within 2 years of final separation for de facto couples.

Going to court

If you cannot come to an agreement with your former spouse or partner, a court can decide how your property should be divided.

You are generally required to attend alternate dispute resolution and attempt to reach agreement before asking a court to decide.

Debts and bankruptcy

Different rules and considerations apply if either you or your former spouse or partner is a bankrupt or where a creditor may have an interest in your assets.

You should discuss this with us if you have concerns about how this may affect your property division.

The factors considered

Numerous factors are taken into consideration by a court when determining a just and equitable property division, these include:

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Next steps

Division of property after your relationship breakdown is one of the most important processes you will go through in your life. The legally binding finalisation of both the assets and liabilities from your relationship can provide you with a clear road ahead and a future of freedom and opportunity.

Likewise, ignoring this process could leave you with years, perhaps decades, of burden. Irrespective of your current relationship with your former spouse or partner, we urge you to not take this process lightly. How you feel today is likely to be very different to how you will feel in five or ten years’ time.

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