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Marie Sambanis | Principal

About Our Firm

Trust is the cornerstone of our law practice. Excellence is our creed. Achieving the best outcome for our clients is what drives us to be the best family lawyers in Brisbane, and the best family law firm in Australia.

At Sambanis Family Law, our specialist team of family lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the often complex and emotionally challenging process of separation and divorce. We recognize that, just as no two families are alike, no two family separations are alike either.

Family law in Australia is unique, involving a dedicated federal family law court system, and encompassing many different facets of the law, such as property, parenting, corporations law, taxation, dv, and wills and estate administration law. These areas are often intricately interwoven and require specialist family law knowledge and expertise to both understand and disentangle.

Separation | Divorce

Sambanis Family Law provides specialist expertise in separation and divorce law.

Property Settlements

The equitable division of assets of your relationship is essential in building your new life.

Parenting Arrangements

Establishing clear, workable & enforceable care arrangements enables happier children.

Wills & Estate Planning

Having a Will ensures your wishes are heard and reduces family stress in times of grief.

Estate Administration

We offer expertise in  Estate Administration & in assisting an Executor execute your Will.

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Trust is the cornerstone of our law practice. Excellence is our creed. Achieving the best outcome for our clients is what drives us to be the best family lawyers in Brisbane, and the best family law firm in Australia.


What people are saying

Robina P


I would like to thank the team of Marie Sambanis and Ryan. My daughter, vulnerable was taken from my home without my consent… I went through a tough time. Marie Sambanis, came to my rescue. She understood my culture and values… Marie is kind, generous and humble. Family and Culturally orientated. Works in the best interest of kids… My daughter has returned home, without Marie I probably wouldn’t have her back. I’m blessed and lucky Marie looked after my case. Marie is awesome and the best 🧡. Thankyou thankyou thankyou 🙏

Mani M


I approached Sambanis Family Law firm during a challenging period of separation. Marie and her team provided outstanding support and guidance, leading to a successful outcome. Their professionalism, kindness, and patience were remarkable. Special thanks to Marie and Terry for their exceptional care and legal expertise. I highly recommend this law firm for their dedication and the positive impact they had on my life. Thank you!

Unga T


The most trustworthy, reliable & professional law firm I’ve engaged with. You are treated with respect, dignity & care, crucial to dealing with sensitive family matters.

Lisa N

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


I can never put into words how grateful I am to have had Marie and her team with me through a very dark time in my life. Marie was strong when I couldn’t be and kind when I was frustrated with my situation. I felt like I was heard and understood and we got the best results which gave me and my boys a great start to our new beginning. I can not recommend Sambanis family law enough. I am truly grateful to Marie.

Candice H

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


I recall seeing tears in their eyes as they walked my journey with me. They care. They are there doing the tough stuff with you to try and sort through the mess that can become your reality when separations don’t go amicably. Thanks your support has been highly valued.

John P

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


Marie and the team at Sambanis Family Law were great to work with through a difficult property settlement issue. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sambanis Family Law to anyone in need of family law services.

Chan K

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


Sambanis Family Law was comforting through all the turmoil and worry! I can say now that they care and helped me regather through the times of hardship. I recommend this practice to families who want their children to be happy.

Meagan G

Professionalism, Quality


They were amazing one step ahead of the situation at every turn. Kind, patient and understood exactly what I was asking for and why. Will be using them again in the future! Couldn’t have asked for more.

Eileen M

Professionalism, Responsiveness


Their representation in my family law matter meant a swift resolution and took the stress out of the experience. I felt completely supported throughout the process.

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