Separation and Divorce


Our experienced solicitors can provide you with tailored advice should you be considering separation or filing for divorce. Navigating the separation process and considering divorce is scary, however we are here to help.

In Australia, we have a ‘no-fault’ divorce system. This means you do not need to prove why the marriage ended. You simply need to tell us that the marriage has broken down, there are no prospects of getting back together, and you have been separated for twelve months and one day.

In Australia, filing for divorce is separate to organising parenting arrangements for the children or splitting property with your ex-partner. We understand divorce is difficult for all families and provide tailored advice and representation to reduce the anxiety and stress you may be feeling. We can prepare your Application for Divorce and represent you at a Divorce Hearing for a low cost, capped fee.

Immediately following separation and prior to filing your Application for Divorce, you may be eligible for Spousal Maintenance. Talk to us!

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